Our Cases

We have worked on hundreds of intellectual property cases.  Here are some recent trials to provide an overview of the types of cases we have worked on.

Cioffi v. Google (E.D. Tex.)

The Davis Firm, with co-counsel, filed suit against Google in 2013 for infringing Dr. Cioffi’s patents related to Internet browser security technology.  After four years of litigation (including an appeal), the jury awarded Dr. Cioffi a significant verdict in February, 2017.  The court further ordered an ongoing per-user, per-month royalty through the life of Dr. Cioffi’s patents.  The patents expire in 2024.  The case remains pending.

Packet Intelligence v. NetScout (E.D. Tex.)

We, along with co-counsel, represented Packet Intelligence in patent infringement cases relating to packet processing and routing in computer networks.  In October, 2017, a jury found that NetScout willfully infringed Packet Intelligence’s patents and awarded a large amount for past damages.  The case remains pending.

CardSoft v. VeriFone (E.D. Tex.)

We, along with co-counsel, represented CardSoft in a series of patent infringement cases relating to payment terminal software technology.  In 2012, the jury returned substantial verdicts against VeriFone and Hypercom.  The Federal Circuit reversed judgment against VeriFone in 2015.

Other recent representations include:
  • Raytheon in patent litigation involving high-performance computing technology
  • Sandoz, Apotex, Endo, Alcon, and ApoPharma in patent litigation under the Hatch-Waxman Act involving pharmaceutical drugs, biologics, and other FDA-approved products.
  • Traxxas in patent litigation involving radio-controlled cars and trucks.
  • DSS Technology Management in patent litigation involving semiconductor device manufacturing, including lithography and feature design in computer processors, application processors, and memory.
  • 511 Innovations in patent infringement cases involving optical proximity sensor functionality within smartphones. The cases settled favorably shortly before the first trials in March, 2017.